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Network resilience - keeping transport moving

We support the transport network in the West Midlands to keep it moving and this is called this network resilience. We cover all types of transport with a focus on 6 key areas.

Key Route Network (KRN) - Carolyn Harris

We have oversight of some of the roads in the region to make driving easier. Key Route Network and the Regional Road Safety, we also lead the Live Labs 2 project, which includes the creation of a Centre of Excellence for Decarbonising Roads.

Regional Transport Coordination Centre (RTCC), Events & Emergency Planning (EEP) - Antony Sloan

The Regional Transport Coordination Centre (RTCC) is a facility that supports all modes across the region’s transport network. It helps manage disruptions, schemes, planned and unplanned events that occur on the network. The team use various methods and tools to with the region’s passengers and customers is accurate and informed.

The Events and Emergency Planning team work collaboratively with event organisers, local authorities, and major venues across the region to ensure that transport considerations are coordinated and support our customers and spectators.

Security and Policing - Kerry Blakeman

TfWM are part of the Safer Travel Partnership. We work with British Transport Police and West Midlands Police and deploy our Transport Safety Officers across the bus, train and tram network. We have an extensive network of CCTV cameras which assist in keeping the travelling public safe as well as our own drone team to stream live images into the RTCC.

Behaviour Change Hub - Claire Williams

The Behaviour Change Hub exists to improve things for local businesses and communities, helping them navigate the disruption that is inevitable with the volume of major improvements that are being implemented, and enabling people to make positive travel choices, making the most of the improvements when they are complete.

Transport Skills Academy (TSA) - Michele Roberts

The Transport Skills Academy is a one-stop resource hub for all transport colleagues in the West Midlands, providing easy access to programmes and training to support career development.

Traffic signals, Technology and Design - Andrew Walsh

We lead the coordination of traffic signal design and operation across the region to integrate services and improve the performance of the Key Route Network. This includes investing in cutting edge and innovative traffic control technology to shape the future of traffic control in the West Midlands.

Transport Network Resilience Plan

We have a Transport Network Resilience Plan. It explains how we’ll keep the West Midlands moving through planned and unplanned works.

We created this plan with:

  • Transport for West Midlands colleagues
  • National Highways
  • Network Rail
  • Local authorities
  • Transport operators

The plan will help us improve capacity on and build a more reliable, efficient transport network.

It will also manage demand by encouraging people to:

  • plan ahead
  • making changes to their journeys if needed
  • use public transport wherever possible

The plan feeds into and supports the West Midlands Combined Authority’s Local Transport Plan.

New Network North Highway Funding

Made possible by reallocated HS2 funding