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Buses in the West Midlands

It’s easy to travel by bus in the West Midlands. Buses are frequent, with many routes operating late into the evening and on Sundays.

West Midlands Bus

Buses in the West Midlands are run by different companies called operators.

You can buy bus tickets:

Use our ticket finder to find the best value ticket for you. You can also find bus timetables online. If you’re not sure of your route, you can:

We provide bus stations and travel hubs (interchanges) across the region. Travel hubs are where buses, trams and trains meet. They help you change easily from one mode of transport to another.

You can see bus times on our app and on our digital screens at bus stops and stations. 

We estimate these times by tracking the buses. We show bus times as how many minutes away your bus is, for example, 3 minutes. These bus services have the most accurate arrival times. 

We may be unable to track your bus if it is not sending a signal, running very early in the morning or not running at all. When this happens we will show its scheduled arrival time, for example, 13:04. As these buses are not being tracked, these times are less accurate. 

If you're buying a ticket on a bus, you have to use the exact change or a Swift card. Some bus operators also accept contactless bank cards.

There are lots of bus operators in the region. Most of them have brand-new buses. Some buses have free wifi and USB charging points.

You can find out which operator runs your bus service online

The bus operators are part of the West Midlands Bus Alliance. They have a joint bus passenger's charter. This explains what you can expect when you travel on a bus in the region.

You can hire a bus for a community group trip from community transport operators.

You can request a bus stop or shelter if you think one needs to be added or upgraded.

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Upcoming Bus Changes

Keep up to date and view the latest list of bus timetable changes that we have been made aware of. 

On demand buses

West Midlands On-demand does not follow a specific route. Instead, you book a journey and a bus will pick you up at a time you choose.