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Discounts for students

You can get student discounts on bus, train and tram tickets if you're:

  • 18 or above and in full-time education
  • 16 to 18 years old and not eligible for the 16-18 photocard

You can get student:

  • Direct Debit tickets
  • 4-week tickets
  • term tickets

Use our ticket finder to find the right ticket for you. You’ll need to prove that you’re in full-time education to buy a student ticket. This has to be a letter from your university or college - you cannot use an NUS or other student union card.

If you do not need to travel often, you can use Swift Go.

Applying for a student pass

  1.  Use our ticket finder to find the pass suitable for your travel
  2. Once selected the mode of transport, press the arrow button down to select traveller, click ‘Student 18+’.
  3. Find the ticket you wish to purchase, then click ‘Buy on Swift’.
  4. Select ‘Create Account’ under the ‘new customer’ section.
  5. Enter you education details and upload supporting documents to prove you are in full time education.
  6. Select the date you wish for your pass to start, the next available date is usually in 7days time, allowing enough time for you to receive the pass in the post.
  7. enter your personal details, adding your photo and entering a valid email address and password Once completed press ‘Continue’.
  8. Once everything is completed your student Swift card will be sent out to you via post, this can take up to 7 days.

    Lost or stolen swift cards can be replaced as long as the Swift card is registered and there is an existing product on the card with more than 7 days remaining. 

    Replacement cards can take up to 5 working days to arrive. The fee for a replacement card is £7.50.

    Lost Swift cards can be replaced over the phone by calling our customer service team on 0345 303 6760. 

    They can also be replaced online:

    1. Go to
    2. Hover over 'Swift and Tickets' in the top menu
    3. Click 'Make a payment' in the 'Manage your ticket' column
    4. Fill out the form. Make sure to select 'Replace a loft Swift travel pass' as the product