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Regional Transport Coordination Centre

The Regional Transport Coordination Centre (RTCC) helps us manage disruptions to our network. It’s a hub for:

  • Transport for West Midlands
  • transport operators
  • emergency services
  • local authorities

The RTCC lets us work together in one place.

Demand for travel will increase as the region’s population continues to grow. We are upgrading infrastructure to help meet demand.

Sometimes this means disruption to roads and public transport as we make changes.

Managing disruptions

The RTCC operates 24 hours a day. It has live data feeds and CCTV to monitor the transport network. This includes public transport and roads.

When things go wrong, the RTCC helps people get around the network using:

  • social media
  • information on our website
  • text message and email alerts
  • real-time information screens at bus stops

We also have a system that collects information about disruptions. The system feeds the information to navigation apps like Google Maps.

The RTCC can talk directly to transport operators to warn them about disruptions. It also warns people about planned disruptions in advance.

Investment in the RTCC

West Midlands Combined Authority has funded the RTCC to:

  • improve roads and junctions in the region
  • monitor journey times
  • provide alerts if congestion builds
  • connect traffic lights and CCTV to the RTCC
  • find new ways of telling people about travel disruptions
  • use new technology at traffic lights to make them more efficient

The RTCC uses technology to understand the transport network’s performance. This helps us respond better when things go wrong.