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Key Route Network

Key Route Network is a collection of the busiest roads in the West Midlands. The network is backed by an evidence report.

Key routes

  1. Birmingham Cross City - A38, A38(M), A47, A435, A441, A4400, A4540, A5127, B4138, B4144, B4145, B4148 and B4154
  2. Birmingham Outer Circle - A4030, A4040, B4145 and B4146
  3. Birmingham to Stafford - A34
  4. Black Country - A454(W), A463 and A4444
  5. Black Country to Birmingham - A41
  6. Coventry to Birmingham - A45, A4114(N) and B4106
  7. East of Coventry - A428, A4082, A4600 and B4082
  8. East of Walsall - A454(E), B4151 and B4152
  9. Kingswinford to Halesowen - A459 and A4101
  10. Lichfield to Wednesbury - A461 and A4148
  11. North and South Coventry - A429, A444, A4053, A4114(S), B4098, B4110 and B4113
  12. Northfield to Wolverhampton - A4123 and B4121
  13. Pensnett to Oldbury - A461, A4034, A4100, B4179
  14. Sedgley to Birmingham - A457, A4030, A4033, A4034, A4092, A4182, A4252, B4125 and B4135
  15. Solihull to Birmingham - A34(S), A41, A4167 and B4145
  16. Stourbridge to North of Wolverhampton - A449, A460 and A491
  17. Stourbridge to Wednesbury - A461, A4036, A4037 and A4098
  18. UK Central to Brownhills - A452
  19. Wednesfield to Wednesbury - A462 and A4038
  20. West Bromwich - A4031 and A4041
  21. West of Birmingham - A456, A458 and B4124
  22. Wolverhampton to Brownhills - A4124
  23. Wolverhampton to Halesowen - A459 and B4171