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Swift Go

With Swift Go, we will cap your journeys to the best value ticket

Make as many journeys as you like in a day and we will cap the cost at the best value 1-, 3- or 7-day ticket.


Swift Go allows you to travel whenever you want without thinking about your ticket in advance.

You can make as many journeys as you like on the bus and tram and we will work out the cheapest way you can pay. We'll check what journeys you've made and work out if it's best for you to pay for 1-, 3- and 7-days travel. This is called capping. 

For example, if you take 10 buses in one day, we'll cap it at a day ticket. This would work out cheaper than buying 10 single tickets.

Find your cap prices

Getting Swift Go

New Swift users

Buy a card online and you will receive it within 7 days.

Existing Swift users

You can simply activate Swift Go in your account.

You will need to collect Swift Go using a Swift ticket machine, or the TfWM app.

You can download the app from:

Using Swift Go

You can use Swift Go on all trams and most buses in the West Midlands. Swift Go is currently not available for use on trains.

Check which operators accept Swift Go on your journey in the ‘Find your cap prices’ section of our cap prices webpage.

Using Swift Go on the bus

  • You can check if a bus accepts Swift Go by looking for a sticker next to the doors.
  • If your bus accepts Swift Go, simply tap your Swift Go card against the reader. You do not need to tap again when getting off the bus.

Using Swift Go on the tram

  • Give your Swift Go card to the conductor and tell them the stop you're getting off at.

You can only use Swift Go if you are over 18 years of age and you cannot share your Swift Go card with others.

You can also use Swift Go to park at Longbridge Park & Ride.

Paying for Swift Go

There are two ways you can pay for Swift Go.

Auto-pay for Swift Go

Add your debit or credit card to your Swift card, and we'll charge your bank card every Sunday at 8am for the journeys you made that week.

Top-up your Swift Go balance

You can also add credit to your Swift Go balance by topping up. There are 3 ways you can top up your Swift Go balance:

  1. By logging into your Swift account
  2. At your local Payzone
  3. At your nearest Swift ticket machine

You must top up your Swift Go account to a minimum of £10.

We will charge your Swift Go balance every day.

How you view your Swift Go charges & usage

  1. Log in to your Swift account
  2. On the 'manage your account' homepage, you'll see a welcome message. Below it, you will see a message saying 'Swift Go is active'
  3. Select the option 'Manage Swift Go'
  4. On this page you will see 'My Swift Go Summary'. Below this, your charges and usage is displayed
  5. You can change the time period in the date drop down and switch between seeing your charges or usage

Swift Go journeys are displayed the day after you complete them. For example, if you completed your journey on Tuesday, this journey won't display until Wednesday. 

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