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Protect your bike

We have partnered with West Midlands Police to help you protect your bike from theft.

Register it

Register your bike on a secure, Police recognised national database.

Record it

Record details of your bike like the make, model and frame number. The frame number is normally found underneath the bike between the pedals or where the back wheel slots in. Make a note of any distinguishing features and take a photo.

Security mark it

Security marking your bike using a Secured by Design (SBD) recognised kit is a visible deterrent to thieves.

Double-lock it, secure it and lock the lot

  • Lock your bike with a Police Preferred Specification. Always use two good quality locks, at least one of which is a D-lock.
  • Secure your bike as close to the stand as possible to give any thieves little or no room to manoeuvre. Lock the frame and both wheels to the cycle parking stand.
  • Locks are more vulnerable when they come into contact with the ground, so keep them off the floor.

Remove the removable bits

Take parts that are easy to remove with you, such as the seat. Or use locking skewers or nuts to secure the bike’s components to the frame, making it difficult for thieves to steal detachable parts.

Safety bolts

Consider safety bolts for your wheels and seat post to decrease the chance of your bike being stolen.

Park secure

Lock your bike at recognised secure cycle parking. It should be well lit and covered by CCTV. Avoid isolated or low lit places and always leave your bike where passers-by can see it.
Find out how you can park your cycle securely at one of our cycle hubs.

Keep valuables secure when cycling

Always keep your valuables secure when cycling. Don’t put them in open baskets or panniers.

Be aware of your surroundings

Always pay attention to your surroundings. Thieves target unsuspecting cyclists for their bikes and valuables.

Remember that safety begins at home

This is very important to remember as many bikes are stolen at home. Lock your bike securely at home as you would on the street. Use the same locks and security products such as ground anchors.

Stay safe online

Avoid sharing pictures of your bike and its location online.

Further advice

For more advice on bike security and safety products, you can visit: