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Cycle hub

  1. Summary of Membership
    1. Membership provides access to West Midlands Combined Authority Cycle Hub at Selly Oak, Longbridge, Stourbridge, Rowley Regis Rail Station.
    2. Membership is available for a 12-month term.
    3. Cycle Hubs are managed and operated by West Midlands Combined Authority, 16 Summer Lane, Birmingham, B19 3SD.
  2. Registration
    1. To register as a member, you must:
      • be aged 16 years or over (however parental consent is required for members under the age of 18)
      • ensure that all information provided by you is accurate
      • have a postal address that matches the billing address for the payment card
      • agree to these terms and conditions
    2. West Midlands Combined Authority reserves the right to refuse your registration if you have not provided the information in 2.1.
  3. Operation of Membership
    1. Admission to the Cycle Hub is limited to members holding a current and valid membership card.
    2. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions or misuse of the Cycle Hub may result in your membership being terminated without any refund being given.
    3. Membership will expire at the end of the 12-month term unless you renew your membership.
  4. Membership card
    1. A membership card will be supplied to all members enabling entry to the Cycle Hub.
    2. Replacement cards will be issued for a fee of £5.00 or such charges as reasonably required by West Midlands Combined Authority from time to time. The replacement fee will be debited from your deposit.
    3. The membership card must be shown to any authorised official of West Midlands Combined Authority or West Midlands Trains staff. Members shall be entitled to request staff identification.
    4. The membership card is not valid if damaged or defaced in any way. A replacement card will need to be ordered. In the event that the card is damaged through reasonable wear and tear, West Midlands Combined Authority reserves the right to waive the replacement fee at its sole discretion.
    5. The membership card shall be non-transferable and use of the card shall be restricted to the member only. Misuse of the card shall result in termination in accordance with 3.2.
    6. Members shall be required to notify West Midlands Combined Authority on 0121 214 7214 between the hours of 09:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday providing any change of details.
  5. Cancellation of Membership
    1. Members wishing to cancel their membership prior to the end of the 12 month term should contact West Midlands Combined Authority on 0121 214 7214 between the hours of 09:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday.
    2. Membership cards should be returned to Sustainable Travel, 16 Summer Lane, Birmingham, B19 3SD.
  6. Cycle Hub operating hours
    1. Access to the Cycle Hub is 24-hour. West Midlands Combined Authority reserves the right to vary the hours of operation at any time. Where reasonably practicable, any changes will be advertised in advance at the Cycle Hub and published on
    2. In the event of a disruption, including but not limited to those caused by construction, equipment, malfunction, damage or social disorder at or around the Cycle Hub, temporary closure of the Cycle Hub may be required on occasion.
    3. West Midlands Combined Authority accepts no liability for journey delays, inconvenience, loss of income or additional expense incurred by members arising from the temporary closure of the Cycle Hub.

    4. West Midlands Combined Authority will publish the opening hours of the Cycle Hub including any general information relating to the Cycle Hub at
  7. Using the Cycle Hub
    1. Cycle parking spaces shall be available on a 'first come, first served' basis. Membership does not guarantee the availability of the Cycle Hub or space. Alternative cycle parking is available at the Station.
    2. The Cycle Hub provides parking for standard pedal cycles only. Motorbikes, tandems and tricycles cannot be accommodated. The Cycle Hub is for storage of cycles and cycle-related items only. Members must ensure that any cycle-related items are safely secured to the cycle and such items do not impede the use of the cycle space by other users of the Hub.
    3. Members are not permitted under any circumstances to leave personal items or any cycle-related items on the Cycle Hub floor. Any items left unattended shall be removed. It shall be the members' responsibility to contact West Midlands Combined Authority within one month, after which time such items shall be disposed of.
    4. Smoking is not permitted within the Cycle Hub.
    5. Bicycles that appear to have been abandoned for a period of 6 weeks will be tagged with a notice prior to their removal. Attempts will be made by WMCA to contact bicycle owner. A period of seven days will be given for the bicycle to be removed and/or the Owner to contact WMCA for more information. If after that time the owner has not made contact with WMCA and the bicycle still remains then it will be removed and placed into storage.  If after 6 weeks of being placed in storage the bicycle has still not been claimed, then it should be disposed of at WMCA’s discretion.
    6. Cycle hub Membership must be renewed on an annual basis. Following the end of a 12 month term where membership has not been renewed, bicycles shall be treated as being abandoned. Three attempts will made to contact the owner over a period of six weeks using information provided on registration, following which the bicycle will be disposed of at the discretion of WMCA.
  8. Members' obligations
    1. Members' shall be personally responsible for:
      • their membership card
      • ensuring that cycles are properly secured using an appropriate lock
      • ensuring they understand how to safely operate the cycle parking racks as set out at 9.1 and 9.2
    2. Members' must not:
      • lock or secure the cycle to any object or property other than the cycle rack
      • give, lend or sell the membership card to any other person or allow any other person to use the membership card
      • damage, deface or vandalise the Cycle Hub or any of the equipment or property in any way
      • exceed the manufacturer's maximum load displayed on the cycle rack
  9. Safety and Security
    1. Instructions for the safe use of the double-decker racking are displayed at the Cycle Hub, included in the membership pack and training is available upon request from West Midlands Combined Authority. Members need to ensure they have read and fully understand the instructions before operating the cycle rack.
    2. A video explaining the safe operation of the Hi riser racking will be available at By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, members confirm that they have watched and understood the video and understand how to operate the racking safely.
    3. The Cycle Hub is used entirely at members' own risk. West Midlands Combined Authority does not accept responsibility for loss or damage, howsoever arising.
    4. While this is a secure cycle parking facility, members are advised that for public safety, in the event of a power or mechanical failure the automatic doors are set to a default open position until repairs can be carried out.
    5. West Midlands Combined Authority recommends the use of a D-style lock, securing the frame and wheels.
    6. Members are responsible for procuring and maintaining an appropriate level of insurance cover for their property.