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West Midlands Rail Executive

We are part of the West Midlands Rail Executive (WMRE). WMRE is made up of 16 partners, including local transport authorities.

Working with train operators

In the UK, private companies run most trains. These companies are called train operators.

WMRE helps decide how train operators can meet local needs. It makes sure train operators provide a good service.

West Midlands Railway

West Midlands Railway runs most commuter services in the West Midlands. It is introducing brand new trains, with over 180 new carriages.

Find out about improvements to West Midlands Railway services.

Improving train stations and infrastructure

WMRE identifies places for new train stations or upgrades to rail infrastructure. It works with rail industry partners and local authorities to do this.

WMRE also works to improve station facilities. It does this through the West Midlands Stations Alliance, working with:

  • Network Rail
  • train operators
  • community groups

WMRE decides how to invest money in our region’s railways. This helps to open new routes, improve train frequencies and make the network greener.