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Sprint Bus Shelter Feedback

What is happening?

100 distinct and high quality bus shelters are currently being installed along the Sprint corridor – 75 as part of a first phase in time for the Commonwealth Games, with the remaining 25 expected to follow in a second phase of Sprint works.

These shelters will provide easy access and enhanced waiting facilities for passengers.

The new shelters will be larger and modernised compared to current bus shelters, and will contain seating, real time passenger information, and CCTV cameras to improve safety at the stops and surrounding areas.

Where is this happening?

Use the map below to view all our new Sprint bus shelter locations.

  • Phase 1: Expected completion by June 2022
  • Phase 2: Expected completion by Jan 2024

Where will this information will be used?

The stop information shown on the map above will be used for the signs on the bus shelters. The information may also be used for audio announcements on certain bus services.

Example bus stop sign

1. Locality (e.g. Newtown) 2. Stop Name (e.g. Milton Street) 3. Strapline (e.g. For Newtown Shopping Centre)

We want to hear from you!

If you have used one of our new bus shelters, we would really appreciate any feedback or suggestions you might have. This feedback could be on anything from the stop name and location, to the new comfort and safety elements.

Please use the form below to submit your feedback


How do we name our bus shelters?

When we upgrade an existing shelter, we try not to change its name to avoid confusion. In some cases, a bus stop’s original name has become irrelevant, so we choose to rename it. 

When we build a new shelter, we try and choose a fitting and relevant name which is helpful when travelling for both locals and tourists.

Most stops along the route are in pairs - one on each side of the road. The name is usually the same for both stops and this helps to make it easier for passengers to navigate the route, whichever direction they’re travelling in.

Any new stop names must adhere to national standards.

We always appreciate any feedback on our bus stops and their names. 

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Planning your travel

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