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Safe, efficient and reliable network

What is this Big Move?

This Big Move sets out the need to develop and manage the West Midlands highway network in a way that improves it’s reliability and resilience and better supports travel by more sustainable modes of transport.

We want our road network to adopt a shared approach to safer streets, one that responds to the needs and wants of existing and new users and provides short-and long-term benefits to the users. We want to use our road network to:

Where we would like to be if our Big Move is successful

Through better use of technology, partnership working and reallocation of space, our road network is reliable, safe and efficient for all users. It is well maintained and more resilient to extreme weather events, and road deaths are a thing of the past.

We make better use of our existing infrastructure by giving more space to modes which move people and goods most efficiently rather than trying to accommodate more cars, vans and lorries.

The road network supports our region’s businesses to grow and thrive but balances this with creating safe and comfortable spaces on streets where people live or spend time.