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Public transport and shared mobility

What is this Big Move?

The public transport system is the backbone of our whole sustainable transport network and will play a key role in delivering our Vision for a 45-minute region with connected 15-minute neighbourhoods.

Our ambition is to create a high quality and affordable public transport system of integrated networks (including fixed public transport services, and demand responsive and shared services) linked by accessible and secure interchanges and promoted and branded as a single system.

Where we would like to be if our Big Move is successful

The West Midlands has a public transport system that fulfils our goal of being a 45-minute region and connected 15-minute neighbourhoods. All residents can live good lives without needing to own a car.

The series of networks, integrated as one overall system, will be easy to understand, reliable, ticketing is easy and the services are efficient, accessible and comfortable.  Shared services (such as car clubs) are incorporated into the overall system so are seen as complementary to public transport. This enables a ‘go anywhere’ integrated system to function as one entity for users.