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Under 16 photocard

This is a plain English version of the under 16 photocard conditions of use.

About the photocard

The photocard is a proof of age card.

You need to buy a ticket every time you travel or buy a season ticket to your photocard. We might fine you if you do not have a valid ticket.

You can only use an under 16 photocard with your name and photo on.

Your photocard will not be valid if you damage or change it. For example, if you change the name or photo.

You do not get priority over other passengers. You need to follow the transport operator’s conditions of carriage.

The photocard belongs to West Midlands Combined Authority.

West Midlands Combined Authority
16 Summer Lane
B19 3SD

Confiscating or cancelling photocards

We can confiscate or cancel your photocard if:

  • someone else tries to use it
  • the information you give us is not correct

Transport operators can also confiscate photocards.

You will not be eligible for a refund.

Proving your age and address

Sometimes we ask for proof of age and address before we approve an under 16 photocard.

If you cannot provide proof, we will not issue the photocard.

Your personal information

We will hold your personal information and you can read our privacy policy online.