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Business travel savings

Corporate travel scheme

You can buy discounted season tickets for employees through our corporate travel scheme. The scheme is like a season ticket loan. Employees spread the cost of tickets over 12 months. They pay for tickets through deductions from their salary.

The scheme is free to join. You can get up to:

  • 2.5% off train tickets
  • 5% off network tickets (bus, train and tram combined)

Employees can use their tickets at weekends and in the evenings as well as for travel to work. Staff who already have a monthly ticket can get a full refund for any overlapping weeks.

How to join the corporate travel scheme

You can join the corporate travel scheme if:

  • at least 5 members of staff will buy a ticket this way
  • you’re committed to buying all the tickets up front
  • you pass our financial checks

Discounted bulk buy tickets

You can get cheaper network travel tickets for business travel if you buy them in bulk. Your employees can use these on the bus, train or tram. You must buy tickets in bundles of 100. Contact us to order or for more details.

Corporate Swift cards

Swift is a pay as you go travel card. You can use it on the buses and trams. You can buy several Swift cards and manage them from the same account. You can also use one card for multiple employees. Contact us to order or for more details.


Workwise: Cheaper travel to work for those starting a new job

Workwise offers free and discounted travel to work for up to 12 weeks of a new job. This includes apprenticeships.

People can apply if they’re:

• starting a new job after being unemployed or made redundant

• increasing their hours to 16 or more per week in a job they already have

• aged 16 or over and paying adult fare For further information and full eligibility criteria visit our webpage