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Operation Triton

How dangerous driving ends lives in a heartbeat

Every life lost is one too many, and you can help us to change that.

We don’t ever want to be knocking on someone’s door to deliver the worst possible news a family could hear.

That’s why your safety matters to us and we’re determined to reduce the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities on our roads. 

What we’re doing

In conjunction with West Midlands Police we are gearing up our efforts and conducting even more operations across the region, through Operation Triton. In addition to this at Transport for West Midlands we have now refreshed our Road Safety Strategy with an aim to support work towards Vision Zero.

This is a dedicated initiative aimed at tackling dangerous driving and improving safety on our roads.

Our primary mission is simple yet crucial – to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries on our roads.

We also aim to disrupt and deter criminals who abuse the road network.

We are working with communities and partners, including West Midlands Police, local councils to create safer roads for everyone.

Our proactive approach involves active patrolling of key areas, enforcing speed limits and protecting our communities from the hazards of excessive speed and other road-related issues.

We are conducting regular operations on the roads focusing on offences known as the ‘fatal four’, this includes:

We also target those who have inappropriate child safety measures and window tints that hinder visibility.

What you can do to help

Take extra time and care when on the roads – this really does help to save lives.

Have you seen any dangerous driving? Your support and cooperation in reporting any instances help us to take appropriate action and prevent potential harm.

Report dangerous or careless driving