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Our Navilens codes

What is NaviLens?

NaviLens is a solution that allows users to access information, such as transport updates, by using their smartphone to interact with codes.

NaviLens codes are similar to QR codes, however they are recognised:

  • faster
  • more reliably
  • at a further distance
  • in all light conditions
  • at wide angle

How does NaviLens work?

  1. Download the NaviLens app on iOS or Google Play
  2. Point your phone camera in the general direction you want to scan
  3. Information will be presented to you visually, audibly or through haptics

How are we using NaviLens?

We have mounted NaviLens codes at strategic points to help blind and visually impaired people access:

  • assistive information
  • navigation instructrions
  • public transport real-time information

We are currently trialling NaviLens at Wolverhampton Bus Station.

Why have we chosen Wolverhampton Bus Station?

We have chosen to trial NaviLens at Wolverhampton Bus Station because:

  • it’s a major transport interchange
  • the station can be challenging to navigate if you are of limited visibility
  • the stands are close together meaning key fobs and react apps are not always sufficient 
  • the bus, rail and tram connections are close together

Give us your feedback

We need your opinions on how NaviLens is working at Wolverhampton Bus Station.

We are looking for feedback from both visually impaired and sighted individuals. You do not need to be a regular user of Wolverhampton Bus Station.

We are particularly interested in knowing if NaviLens codes make it easier to:

  • navigate the station
  • find the right bus service
  • access bus and rail connections

Let us know what you think of NaviLens at Wolverhampton Bus Station below:

Submit your feedback