Pay As You Go



  • Use on most buses and trams within the Network
  • Smarter and cheaper way to buy day tickets and single fares
  • Never run out of credit with Auto Top-Up
  • Swift cards are free for a limited period
  • Buy and top-up online, 24/7 

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Pay As You Go is the same as cash – except that it’s cheaper to travel on most buses and The Midland Metro, and there’s no hassle of rummaging around for change.

What can you buy with Pay As You Go? 

You can buy day tickets and single fares for the bus and Midland Metro using your PAYG credit. Ask your bus or tram driver for any single, return or day ticket. Most bus operators offer a discount and ALL MIdland Metro fares are discounted.


Where can you use Pay As You Go?

Most bus operators in the Network West Midlands area are now part of the Pay As You Go scheme, including all National Express Coventry and West Midlands buses. Click here for a complete list of bus operators, including fares.

Midland Metro also accepts Pay As You Go on all trams. 

How do you use your card?

On the bus: hold your card flat on the card reader, tell the driver what ticket you'd like and wait for your ticket to finish printing.

On the tram: hand your card to the tram Conductor and tell them what ticket you'd like to buy.

Getting your card

Right now cards are free – just buy credit online, at a Payzone outlet or at a Travel Centre. When you buy online, we’ll send you the card loaded with credit within seven days.

Topping up

Online - Buy now

Payzone - 250 outlets

Over the counter - at Travel Centres in Birmingham New Street rail station, Wolverhampton bus station and Coventry

On the bus - Some operators accept on-bus top-ups. Check the operator accepts Pay As You Go and ask the driver if they accept on-bus top-ups. If they do, give the driver between £10 and £40, place your card on the card reader and you’ll receive a ticket showing your new credit balance

Auto Top-Up – always get home

Link your Swift card to a credit or debit card and when your credit reaches £10 or less, the card reader on the bus will automatically top it up with £20 - you can change the top-up amount to £30 or £40 in your online account

You never have to queue again – and it’s great for kids because you know they’ll never be stranded.


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